Long Haul
Long Haul

Long Haul

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This holiday gift package contains:

Pinkest Pink - 500g, Lovely Blue - 50g, Greenist Green - 50g, Yellowist Yellow - 50g,Reddest Red - 50g, Unicorn Milk - 100ml, Ice - 30ml, Superbase - 150ml, Pallete, Goldest Gold - 30ml, Silvierest Silver - 30ml, Copperist Copper - 30ml, Black Gold - 30ml, Diamond Dust - 50g, Pink Lit - 50g, Blue Lit - 50g, Lit - 50g, Yellow Lit - 50g, Pinkie - 150ml, Big Black 3.0 - 1ltr & your Travel Kit


Make memories that last forever - with the ultimate artistic gift packages.

This holiday season why not treat your friends, family & loved ones to the trip of a lifetime.

Your destination is artland, an inspiring place packed full of colour, imagination, and creativity.

Flight Captain Stuart Semple has put together packages to remember, full of the world's most incredible art materials.

Everyone is invited, to come aboard for a city break, a short hop, or his humongous long-haul adventure.

Please note: seats are extremely limited, there are only a few packages available.

RESERVE YOURS TODAY - to make sure you'll depart in time for Christmas Day.