MEGALIT - set of 4 x 300g of the Colouriest Lit Powders
MEGALIT - set of 4 x 300g of the Colouriest Lit Powders

MEGALIT - set of 4 x 300g of the Colouriest Lit Powders

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300g Original LIT
300g Blue LIT
300g Pink LIT
300g Yellow LIT



  • original lit- daytime creamy white, glow phosphorescent green 
  • blue lit - daytime light blue, glow blue
  • pink lit - daytime pinkest pink, glow hot neon peach
  • yellow lit - daytime yellowest yellow, glow neon yellow

Here it is... finally Stuart has shared a full set of 4 intermixable BIG LIT's. This means that the world's most potent light emitting pigments can be combined to create an almost unlimited spectrum of your own glow-in-the-dark colours!

LIT is pretty incredible stuff! It's a unique combination of colourants and naturally occurring earth elements that once charged, chuck out light like nothing else! They can glow for up to a few hours and if charged well can glow brighter than the ambient light around them. It's like light in a jar! It can be re-charged an unlimited number of times! 

It's important to know that all the LIT's (apart from the classic original lit) will need UV light to charge fully, so sunlight is your best bet! Classic LIT can be charged with almost any light source - i.e your phone light, house lights etc.. 

How do you use it?

Well, you need to mix it into a paint, you have a few options

  • Oil paint - just mix it straight into linseed oil 
  • Acrylic - mix it into an acrylic base or our superbase - we recommend 1 part lit powder, 1.5 parts Superbase
  • Toys / miniatures / plastic stuff and fingernails - mix it directly into a clear nail varnish
  • Resin - it mixes straight in 
  • Exterior projects - mix into a good exterior grade polyurethane varnish from your local hardware store.

TOP TIP: It's best painted over a light colour so put down a layer of white first - we recommend our saint potion (as it's really really good white paint)

We recommend 3 x 150ml bottles of our Superbase per 1 x 300g bag

Non toxic - contains no hazardous or radioactive substances. but DO NOT eat it or leave it on skin please! 

Safety bit:

Don't eat it, rub it in your eyes, get it too near your mouth. Probably best not to let kids play with it without an adult helping. Don't leave it on your skin please. Have fun!