WINK - White Ink Beta
WINK - White Ink Beta
WINK - White Ink Beta
WINK - White Ink Beta

WINK - White Ink Beta

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We need your help to choose the best White Ink! 


Our world beating Black Ink - Blink was made possible because of the 1000’s of artists that tested it and helped us refine it before it was released.

This relationship with the artists we are committed to helping is one of the most precious things we have in the world and what was so interesting during the Blink Beta was the amount of people who suggested we make a White Ink as the next step in our journey.

Some of you even suggested the name ‘Wink’.  

Well, we always do what we’re told so please can we introduce you to Wink.

The Whitest Ink

A White Ink that’s: 

  • Waterproof
  • Very opaque
  • Smudge-proof
  • Ultra-matte
  • Ridiculously white 

Works well:

  • In a brush pen, 
  • On a brush, 
  • In an airbrush, 
  • In a dip pen
  • Or a paint marker.

(If you test it in a fountain pen, that’s at your own risk but we’d love to know how you get on!)

All good, right?

Well it would be but the fiendishly clever scientists in the Semple Studio Lab have made two variants of this very cool ink and we really can’t decide which one should bear the Wink name.

So we need your help.


You choose

We are asking you to Beta test the two Winks and let us know which one we should put out into the world.

Order now and we’ll send you Wink Variant A and Wink Variant B and a QR code to a questionnaire that will help us make sure we make the right decision because right now we can’t decide.


As a thank you for helping us decide which strain to share, you’ll get access to the final formula before anyone else and we will be sure to give you a generous discount too. 

Thanks for getting involved and helping us do what we have to do to make sure you get the materials you deserve.