Unicorn Milk - The world's most pearlescent topcoat
Unicorn Milk - The world's most pearlescent topcoat
Unicorn Milk - The world's most pearlescent topcoat
Unicorn Milk - The world's most pearlescent topcoat
Unicorn Milk - The world's most pearlescent topcoat

Unicorn Milk - The world's most pearlescent topcoat

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Unicorn Milk

Acrylic pearlescent topcoat


We've got big news, you guys have been asking us to create you a pearlescent paint for eons! We didn't do that - we made a topcoat that can turn any existing paint into a pearlescent magick moment!

But we can't take the credit - this incredible potion is gifted to us by our beautiful rescue unicorns at our Unicorn Sanctuary and we need your help to ensure we can look after them!


Unicorn Milk is a shimmering, protective acrylic topcoat that creates magic when you put it over other colours. It gives your artwork a slight shimmer in low light, and a whole lot of sparkle under a spotlight or direct sunlight. To top it off it smells so good you could eat it (but please don’t!)

You can use Stuart’s potions as base colours, we think Unicorn Milk looks different over every colour you try, from a shimmer over Saint, to silvery over Raven, to a sparkling sea effect over Dive. Click here for our potions range.


Support our work at the Sanctuary today

Use Unicorn Milk and ensure a vulnerable unicorn in need has a future.

Unicorns have always been closely affiliated with Stuart Semple and the Culture Hustle team. They have often worked hand in hand to explore the sheens in colours. As a species, the unicorns are a generous lot and share Culture Hustle’s ethos of creativity.

They haven’t always been treated this way. The Unicorn sanctuary was founded in 1997 after we took in 2 sets of breeding pairs, terribly mistreated and in need of human compassion. Following years of neglect, they now enjoy as a space designed for Unicorns to thrive in open fields and fresh watering holes. Now that they have recovered from their trauma they have begun to produce their own exquisite Unicorn Milk which they wanted to share with the world. We are excited to be able to share this with our artist friends around the world. You can now paint their lustrous milk over any colour to bring that potent unicorn magic to your own creations.


By buying unicorn milk you are supporting a unicorn in need. This helps with the daily living of Simon, Betty, Hans, Maggy & the rest of the Unicorn community. We will send you monthly update emails from the sanctuary so you can keep an eye on the progress of the unicorns and see exactly where your valuable support is going.

Please Note - No unicorns are harmed in the making of Unicorn Milk

The Word:

Unicorn Milk is best used as a topcoat over existing and painted colours and works on canvas paper, wood, plaster, fabric, masonry and almost any non-slick, non-oily surface.

  • After a quick stir to mix the pigment use direct from the bottle
  • Dries in 30 mins (dependent on layers)
  • Thin layer applied (less is more) which is buildable
  • Second coat will make it super shiny
  • Smells like pink sugar
  • Coverage - one bottle approx 2.4 x 2. Meters (varies depending on surface and layers)
  • Clean up - wash with warm soapy water
  • Splash resistant
  • Lightfast