Help / FAQ's

Hello, before you reach out to our lovely support team for help I've put together a list of common questions, hopefully this is useful. 

What is the best way to use these powders?

I've designed the powders to be water soluble so you can scoop a small mound of powder out and slowly add water to it until it makes a nice paint like paste. You could use a palette knife and a marble slab or glass if you like.  

Do I have to mix it with water? 

No not at all! I actually mix mine with an acrylic medium, I like liquitex soft body mediums but it will work well with most mediums out there. I can't use solvents because they hurt my chest but I have seen people make decent oil paints with the powders by mixing in linseed oil. If you look at the hashtag: #sharetheblack on instagram there are some great examples of how people are using the powders. 

Are the powders lightfast?

I'm sorry! Not really, not very. No flourecents are, sadly to glow they have to give off some colour so they won't last forever. However you can extend the life - there are several good UV varnishes out there and if you use these powders like an acrylic or oil a decent varnish will help a lot. Or if you're working on paper good UV glazed frame. 

How toxic are they? Can I use them on my body?

These are totally non-toxic and also vegan. They arn't food grade, or cosmetic grade but they should be absolutely fine on your skin. If you do decide to paint your body and you notice any irritation wash with water, but you should be fine. Just don't eat it. be careful near your eyes too, if you get some in there, you'll know about it. If you've ever got sand in your eye at the beach you'll know what I mean! 

Can I use diamond dust on my body?

NO! It's tiny shards of glass, you could get a nasty splinter. The last thing you want is diamond dust in your eyes. So be very careful please. 

I placed my order ages ago and it's not here yet what do I do? 

Sometimes we get huge unexpected demand and we simply can't keep up with it and cook enough. When this happens we put a note at the top of the product page explaining when your item will be sent out. If you order several things together they will be sent together when they are all back in stock. (Sadly the slowest item will hold them all up).

Remember shipping times are working days.

On rare occasions things do get lost in the mail, but don't worry we are here to help and you should email us: if you order has been dispatched and isn't with you within about a fortnight. 

If you've not chosen tracking, we can't track your order either, sorry! We don't get that info from the postal service, so if you want to know where your materials are please choose the tracking option. 

My question isn't listed here and I need help!

Okay, don't worry - if your question is to do with a specific order / shipping etc... contact the customer service team on:

Or if your question is more general / artistic / geeky or you just want to say hi! Then you can email my studio: 

Hopefully that was of some use!

Have fun, Stuart :)