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Freetone Book
Freetone Book
Freetone Book

Freetone Book

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Colour swatch book 
HARDCOVER BOOK with 1139 colour swatches. 
Dimensions:(9" x 7" / 229 x 178 mm)

We are delighted to be able to share our very own colour swatch book. 

  • Packed full of 1139 liberated colours. 
  • These colours are extremely Pantone-ish 
  • They resemble a well-known colour-matching system’s uncoated palette. 
  • And match up rather beautifully with the free swatch plugin we made after Pantone and Adobe paywalled your colours. 
  • This guide could be very useful in colour matching. 

It’s our hope it’ll help you to make your work without having to splurge the hundreds of dollars that P-tone charges for one. 

It will also make a cool gift for colour nerds who want to show solidarity with the cause of fighting corporate colour ownership. 

Thanks for the support.



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