BLACK 1.0 Pigment- 50g - legacy version
BLACK 1.0 Pigment- 50g - legacy version
BLACK 1.0 Pigment- 50g - legacy version
BLACK 1.0 Pigment- 50g - legacy version

BLACK 1.0 Pigment- 50g - legacy version

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This is a super black micronized pigment by Stuart Semple. It is exceptionally lightfast. 

This is the 1.0 BLACK pigment that was originally released as as part of the beta version during development of Stuart’s BLACK.


Due to so many requests we’ve decided to make this legacy version available whilst stocks last. 

We won’t be producing any more of the BLACK 1.0 pigment because it has been superseded by BLACK 2.0 which contains a significantly improved pigment and the perfect pigment to base ratio. (you can check out black 2.0 here


BLACK 1.0 pigment is NOT bindable with water! (This is different from all Stuart's other powder colours). You can't just add water to make it into a paint. To use it you will need to mix it with a binder or a base of your choice.

It will mix with linseed oil to create oil paint or your choice of acrylic medium. 

It was originally designed to work with Stuart’s own Super Base - if you are looking to create a super matte, super flat paint. You can order Super Base HERE

We strongly suggest that you watch this youtube video in which Stuart explains how to use this powder with his base:


  1. Squeeze out some super base onto a mixing surface, palette or plate
  2. Spoon in the powder mixing slowly until it becomes so lumpy you can't possibly add in any more
  3. Add a few drops of water and stir
  4. Keep adding water (slowly and carefully) until you get the flow you want
  5. Use it like a paint


This stuff gets everywhere! Be careful before you know it your whole house and life will be stained black! Open it carefully be sensible.

It’s non toxic but please don’t get it in your eyes or swallow any. Keep it away from your mouth!

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