BLACK 2.0 - The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material by Stuart Semple
BLACK 2.0 - The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material by Stuart Semple
BLACK 2.0 - The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material by Stuart Semple
BLACK 2.0 - The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material by Stuart Semple

BLACK 2.0 - The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material by Stuart Semple

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This was the most pigmented, flattest, mattest, black acrylic paint in the world until we made 3.0 

Even though we've produced Black 3.0 now, we continue to offer 2.0 and support it. It's still an amazing paint if you need a one coat application on almost any surface, it's fantastic as a basecoat for 3.0, and for artists who need continuity in their work - we will keep it available! 

This paint has been developed in close collaboration with thousands of artists from all over the world. Their amazing insight, support and inspiration has formed this unique super-black paint for the benefit of all artists*

The first version of BLACK was created by artist Stuart Semple in close collaboration with color chemists, specialists from the cosmetics industry and architectural coatings experts. Its foundation is Stuart’s ‘Super-Base’ which enables this paint to hold more pigment than any other whilst drying to an anti-reflective, super flat finish. 

Thanks to the amazing artistic community, BLACK has been totally reformulated. 


  • Simply the best flat, matt, black paint on the planet. 
  • Unique acrylic co-polymer binder enables more pigment load than any other acrylic paint
  • Developed for artists by artists
  • State of the art mattifyers reduce light reflection 
  • Top class lightfastness 
  • Exceptional coverage and adhesion - even on shiny surfaces (some may require a second coat)
  • Coverage 2m x 2m (approx.) per bottle. (some surfaces require 2nd coat, porous surfaces should be primed first)
  • Non Toxic
  • Cold to touch
  • Black cherry scented
  • Priced at what it costs to make
  • Shippable worldwide
  • Not available to Anish Kapoor

VERSION 2.0 updates & fixes (an even better black) 

  1. New pigment mix - significantly blacker when dry
  2. Mattifiers updated - less color tinting
  3. Pre-mixed - just one bottle, ready to use acrylic paint with the perfect base to pigment ratio
  4. More affordable - we’ve sourced more affordable ingredients 
  5. Some users reported base solidifying in transit - this has been fixed
  6. Can be thinned with water to achieve ink-like flows with little color loss
  7. Can be thinned with water to create dyes

With just one coat almost any object (even really shiny ones) become super-black and reflect next to no light, giving a Vantastic black hole type effect.

Can I mix it into Resin?

Technically yes, but it will not stay matte! If you're looking for a glossy black finish then this is for you! We recommend using Epoxy Resin.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: this is not the blackest black in the world. It is however a better black than the blackest black in the world as it is actually usable by artists. 

*Except Anish Kapoor  


 Nothing complicated, just use it like a paint. Brush, roller or thin with water to spray. 

Share what you did on instagram with hashtag: #ShareTheBlack

Health & Safety - Don’t get it in your eyes! Don’t eat or drink it even though it smells yummy. Have fun but treat it with respect.


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Why choose Stuart's art materials over others?


Stuart uses the highest quality pigments for depth in colour and high quality application. 


Thanks to pigment selections it means that our paint goes a long way and will last longer than other paint suppliers.