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Officially the World’s Glowiest Orange - 300g

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Stuart Semple would like to introduce to you the latest in world changing materials from the CultureHustle lab.

Ecto is the spawn of our years of research into luminescent powder and one of the perennial favourites, the Orangiest Orange.

These two mind blowing materials have been combined for the very first time to create Ecto a highly pigmented ultra bright acrylic coating like no other.

Ecto is so bright it even glows in the dim.

In the dark it glows so bright you can read a scary story by the light it gives off.

It’s all you need to Supercharge your spooky season.

It’s bound to be popular so order quick, to avoid the backlog and make sure you get yours in plenty of time for Hallowe’en.


Unlike other glowing things, Ecto can be recharged an unlimited number of times

It glows in the dim. It’s super-high luminescence will often glow brighter than the ambient light around it.

After super-bright initial glow, will afterglow for up to a few hours, (depending on your mix of course).

Ecto has been specially formulated to mix with SUPERBASE to create a super pigmented, mega glow paint that will stick to almost anything.

Ecto also mixes amazingly into resins or polyurethane varnish.

If you want to powdercoat things with it use STICK

Ecto is Non toxic - contains no hazardous or radioactive substances.


Well, you need to mix it into a paint, you have a few options

  • Oil paint - just mix it straight into linseed oil
  • Acrylic - mix it into an acrylic base or our SUPERBASE
  • Toys / miniatures / plastic stuff and fingernails - mix it directly into a clear nail varnish
  • Resin - it mixes straight in
  • Exterior projects - mix into a good exterior grade polyurethane varnish from your local hardware store.

Important - You can't just mix Ecto with water like Stuart's other powder paints. It needs a binder and we've designed it to work with SUPERBASE to create a highly pigmented acrylic paint that will stick to almost anything. However you can also stir it into linseed oil to create an oil paint.